Babywala Privilege Program

Babywala Privilege Program | Online Baby Shop in Bangladesh

Welcome to Babywala’s Privilege program. With this program you will be able to save more with every Taka you spend with Babywala. This is eligible for both new customers and our existing customers.
Through this program you will be able to earn points. Now let us walk you through how you can earn points with Babywala’s privilege program:

You will be able to earn points in three ways: 

  1. Open up an account ( at Babywala and earn 200 points.
  2. Refer us to your friend or a family member from your reward panel. When they make a purchase from Babywala you will be entitled to 200 points.
    Guess what? Your friend will get FREE SHIPPING ON THEIR FIRST ORDER on their first purchase given that their order value is Taka 500 or more.
  3. You can earn when you purchase from our website. For every taka you spend, you can earn one point. For example, if you make a purchase of Tk. 1,200, you will earn 1,200 points. (Note: You will only be rewarded once your order is successfully delivered and your order status has been marked as ‘Paid’)

Let us summarize the above points in a chart: 


Privilege Points 

New Account Sign Up (Website only)

200 Points

For Referring to Friends & Family on their first successful order

200 Points

For Purchase 

1 point for every taka spent


  1. How does these points work?


  • In order to encash the points you need a minimum of 5,000 points.
  • You will need to purchase a minimum of Tk 500 in order to apply the discount code, only then you will receive the discount code from the points.
  • Every time you earn points, you will be notified through email. Hence, once you reach 5000 points you can apply the discount code to encash your points.
Q. I have an account on your website and I have previously ordered on your website, so that means I won’t get any reward points for those orders?

Ans. Yes surely, You are a family of Babywala already! How can we not reward you with points that you deserve? You will automatically be entitled to the points that you have earned.

Q. I didn’t sign up on your website but I have previously ordered on your website, so that means I won’t get any reward points for those orders?

Ans. Nothing to worry about. You will have to first Create an Account on our website, then send an email to us at mentioning your account name. After verification, we will adjust the points against your previous orders. And guess what? You will get an additional 200 points once you create an account on the website.

Q. How to check your Privilege Points? 

    Ans: Go to our website, Click our loyalty program button on the bottom left of your device’s screen to check your points status. 


    Using spam, fake orders, fake reviews, fake messages, profanity, offensive language and other false activities will not be counted for the purpose of earning Points. Babywala reserves the right to declare any Points earned through improper activities as void. Furthermore, Babywala may also at its sole discretion cancel order(s) or suspend related member’s account(s)

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